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I first started knitting socks many years ago when I owned a brick and mortar shop called Spare Moments based in Ipswich, Suffolk. The demand for sock yarn was more than I could keep up with so I started to knit a pair out of curiosity to see what the attraction was. The yarn chosen, and the dpns at the ready, I cast on. The socks were gifted to my friend's husband to wear on his fishing trips. They were knit so tight I think he lost the circulation in his foot when he put them on!

The yarn and colour ways that we can get now wasn't available back then, but I  still loved knitting them. Many a sock with a stripe or two was knit, a diamond here, a cable there.

Years, and many socks, later I've decided to bring to life the idea that has been in the back of my mind for a number of years. A shop that is dedicated to stocking yarn and accessories for knitting socks.

Here at Suffolk Socks you'll find a selection of needles, project bags and stitch markers to complement the commercial and Hand dyed Yarn that make perfect socks. For sewers we offer a range of Cross stitch, Embroidery and Tapestry kits