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Joji & Co is a collaborative project started by Joji Locatelli, a knitwear designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Joji is very passionate about her crafts and has always been interested in making a knitter or crocheter's experience a joyful one. 

In 2019 she started collaborating with different makers, curating a series of very specialized and HAND-MADE accessories. 

The crafters we feature include leather, yarn and jewelery-maker friends as well as artisans from marginalized communities in Argentina.

Every item we send out to the world is received at our home/office, greeted with a hug, complimented on its beauty and kissed goodbye.

The products we share are very dear to us, as are you as a customer. 

Joji & Co core team is made up by 5 people: Silvi and Paula are our product managers, Moni takes care of our customers, Charly (Joji's husband) is in charge of finances and logistics and Joji is in head of design and communication.

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