Where did January go


The 3 Skien Knit


Since beginning I can without a hesitation declare that Ive failed most miserably with this self imposed monogamus malarky and yarn diet. Who was I trying to kid. I dont feel bad at all, I feel empowered that I can say another WIP, not too loudly, perhaps a mere mutter  to myself in the craft room. As for the yarn/skein diet thats going not so badly. My diet doesnt mean I can't or wont buy any yarn its an attempt to go down to 3/4 skeins to knit a jumper not the usual 4/5 skeins it takes.

My theory behind this is

  1. It will take less time to knit.
  2. It will cost less
  3. when I get down to 3 skeins once Ive knit 3 jumpers I get one jumper  free. I usually use 4 skeins.

This may not make any sense to anyone other than me  and perhaps Emma my retreat friend. Together we came up with this idea, well actually she was very lovely and nodded and said all the right  things at the right time. There wont be any jaw dropping entrance for me at our next meetup looking slim, toned and wearing a 3 skein jumper. Ill be the same as usual, happy as larry in my 4/5 skein jumper.

 Its all about whats in the sock sack.


Socks are my most favourite thing to knit, they are my constant companion, my confidiant, if my favourite little tweed sock bag could talk it would give you an immediate journey to the inner me, my worries, insecurties, upsets, trials and trivulations of my life, all the cheery things, plans, dreams.  It would also  reveal my love of Galaxy chocolate, coffee and  NCIS. I tell you and hour with Gibbs and thats me sorted for the day ahead. Who doesnt love Jethro ? I watched it on Friday night and there was McGee sporting some handknit socks knit by Abby, well even  Jonathan was impressed.





Im joining in with #boxofsox KAL and Im onto pair number 4.  Ive 3 pairs in the box but my Sassy Socks have been disqualified as I realised I cast them on in December.They look so pretty in the box they can stay there for a wee while. Im hoping eventually to get a lovely pretty little box to keep them in . Procastination is the thief of time is it not, well Jonathan tells me it is.

Ive been busy

Ive had a lovely time putting my sock designs in print. Ive a lovely tech editor thats kept me right and some very lovely ladies that have test knit it for me. The pattern page includes 3 designs , Ive had some yarn dyed that will be exclusive shades to suffolk Socks and Im hoping to release it this month.

On my needles

In my bag this week is a pair of plain vanilla socks using yarn from Yan Tan Tetherer  Sea dream and oh boy it is oh so so sooooo soft and gorgeous. I won this at a knitting retreat I was at. My plan was to knit a lacy design but once Id started I realised that the design and the gorgeousness of the yarn werent doing each other any favours so I  frogged what Id knit and cast on some good old vanilla socks and they are lovely and for me. Another cast on are these gorgeous stripey socks from Regia. Im using chiaogoo circulars magic loop and Ive decided to use  toe up  method  this time  and so far so good.


My next cast on is going to be these zany yarnilicious socks again from Regia, the 3rd design range from the ever so popular Arne & Carlos range. This range has be really popular in the shop so Ill be ordering some more jsut so I can knit some. the hardest part is choosing a colour.



My Needles.


Ive been consciously making a mental note of all the different type and styles of needles I use and also of the way I knit. I first started knitting socks using metal DPNs then progressed to wooden ones. Then I discovered magic loop and now Ive thrown in some 9" circular needles. Each method serves its purpose, Im much quicker using dpns, magic loop is great for car knitting and the 9" make my WIP so compact that I can pop them in my handbag if Im at the hairdresser etc. *Please note Im hardly ever at the hairdressers* I used this example because I was there this week.  Ive decide that I like them all but I love dpns. I say this with absolout clarity because the 9" hiya hiyas whilst lovely they are so sharp the end of my finger is so sore from being impaled on it. As for my style of knitting, Im taking part in #yarnlovechaallenge and I posted a small short video of me knitting. I got a message asking if Id always been a lever knitter. Id never heard this term before  so I think I'm a lever throwing dpn sock loving knitter.

Why Aye Lets Knit



Translated means "Oh yes lets knit" my new video podcast. Its now public knowledge that Im indecisive, a waffler,  a tad on the ditsy side,a northerner and the simplest pleasures in life float my boat. Thank You very much to all the lovely viewers who took the time to watch and leave me comments and DM me. Ive been thrilled to bits with the response.

My husband plays the music so I didnt have to worry too much about copyright. To be honest it didn't enter my head, without the family being here to keep me on the right side of technology Id still be using a chalk board. my son teaches IT and Ill say to him, just pretend im one of the kids you teach, he says he doesnt have a pupil that is as illiterate as I am when it come to technology.

Diversing here but years ago my lovely SIL and I did our Nursery Nurse training together, in those days Lol we had to do a subject EAW, I think it was electronics for women, I know what a load of tosh. Anyway in the exam it asked name an instruction on a washing machine. how hard was that. Afterwards we all got together and some people put thermostat and other more intelligent answers, we waited till later to tell each other our answers. I put hot and cold, she put on and off. This explains why 35 years later she still my bestest freind .

We did pass though.


We had a knit group

Crikey what a laugh we had. It was a great knitting seesion with lovely people, lovely knitting and lovely conversation, I don't  feel the need to mention how fabulous the cakes were. There were 15  of us. Id been out the day before and bought new stools as but I had to deploy the furniture I use only when all the family are around the table ,yes my nest of tables made great stools  for us all.

Thankfully I had enough mugs. Thoroughly enjoyed  the day so thank you to everyone who came.

Miss Matilda

What a joy this girl is too our family, shes got her first tooth, shes started swimming lessons, shes rolling over. Its a wonderful feeling faced with this bundle of joy. I wonder when she smiles does she know that everyone of her family has a heart that bursts with unconditional love for her. I think she must because shes always being told. She also knows that unlady like noises coming from either end of her body makes us laugh and has her Grandad and Aunties running from the room incase theres a nappy to be changed. Me I think Thankgoodness it takes me ages to change a nappy lol and she loves my hand knits. Here she is  with her loevly Mummy wearing Grandmas hat that took ages to knit but if she wanted it Id  let her keep it.

I hope youve enjoyed my chatter, thank you for taking the time to read it.

Enjoy your day


Julie x