I'm often asked this about needles and I have to say I haven't got one. When I first started knitting back in the day all that was available were metal needles but now we're spoilt for choice and I can admit to following the trend. I was happy as Larry with my Clover bamboo DPNs, then Knitpro appeared before me so I started using them and loved them just as much; I then discovered Chiaogoo, then Hiya Hiya 9", then Knit Pro brought out the Zing range. During all these trials I even bought, at huge expense, Signature DPNs! I was so worried about losing one of these that I would only use them at home. After all the ranges of needles had been experimented with I came to the conclusion that actually it didn't matter what brand I used, all my finished socks were equally gorgeous and I'd loved working on each one of them no matter what price bracket my needle choice fell into.

Have a look in any of my project bags and they'll all have different brands of needles. My HiyaHiya DPNs are usually accompanied by a roll of micro tape as they are so sharp which makes them great for lace knitting.