What a busy day

What a busy day, I always think I should be taking on a Ken Dodd type approach to this statement and wave my arm around as if holding a diddy stick. Busy but fab.

Last week was a non event really, Mr Suffolk Socks went off on business and then went on to visit his brother so I've been on my own for 2 nights. As the mother of an IT teacher and the wife of an e commerce specialist I fail miserably in all areas of IT and this I've found out now includes turning the television on. What is it with men and remote controls, I had to phone one of my kids up to ask them which one was for what?  etc. In the end I gave up and I've been in bed at 9 pm, each evening with my knitting and I pad. I can cheerfully declare I've been very and I mean VERY productive on the yarny front.

Whats off the pins

You may ask and I can tell you it's my Angelus Novus. I am thrilled to bits with this knit. I've loved it from start to finish, so much so that I finished it on Thursday and at knit group Friday I'd bought more Dovestone dk in a different shade to knit another one.8D48436E-7831-4405-932A-E5FE65751195

My 2nd cast off this week is my Hill Top shawl. I modified the pattern slightly to accommodate a mistake I'd made in the first pattern of yarn overs. I only knit 3pattern rows so I knit 4 repeats 2nd time then 5 repeats 3rd time etc. It's turned out lovely and the Cumbria wool for The Fibre Company has been a delight to knit with. I'm thinking of stocking this yarn in Suffolk Socks so this has been a great knit to try it out.


whats  getting the love this week.

IMG_1830 This week it's going to be Foxglove, a design from Kate Davies. I've really enjoyed focusing on my Angelus Novus and Hill Top. I had earlier in the week cast on Newsom, but I couldn't bring myself to knit on it too much as I'd made a pledge not too cast on another project. Sometimes I have got willpower.




A busy day and the best

I met Lucy my eldest daughter this morning to go looking at sewing machines. Off we went upto Franklins in Ipswich, the staff are always lovely having gone there  for years I knew there wouldn't be any heavy sales and I would be left to look etc. Eventually a machine was chosen, played with, inspected, some price  bartering and paid for. We left it there to be picked up later. IMG_1824We made our way down to Kaspa the ice cream parlour where we got a table just before the serious queues started. On the way home we popped into Sainsburys to get some vinegar as we were planning an afternoon dyeing some sock blanks.

I would never have believed 6 bottles of vinegar could be so heavy.( I stocked up) we got home and did indeed spend the afternoon hand dying sock blanks. We were both hot and messy by the end of it. I dropped Lu off home with her new machine, she was looking forward to experimenting. A kiss goodbye and a hug she told me she'd had a great day, so not only was it a busy day it was also the best.


This week

IMG_1853On Monday evening the whole Walters gang were invited to Lucys  (daughter) for tea to celebrate my birthday.What a treat. The meal was delicious, the cake fab, lovely presents but the best bit was us all there chatting, laughing and catching up with each other.IMG_1864








Phoebes Graduation

On Tuesday Phoebe graduated from UAL.  It was a lovely day and we did survive the scorching sun and extreme heat.IMG_1879 IMG_1888IMG_1876

My parents were in London for a few days so we met them for tea. We dined at Giraffe  which was a 2 minute walk frIMG_1893om The Royal Festival Hall,unfortuntely my Dad has some of the best photos on his camera so I'll get them next week some time. It was lovely seeing them on my birthday. This photo of Lucy and her dad makes me laugh. They work together and theres never a cross word between them ever.(as long as Dad does as he's told lol)IMG_1887

Its only Wednesday and so far this week has been great and its going to get better because tomorrow is this gorgeous mans birthday, our son. Everyone will be at mine for a BBQ tomorrow and the traditional caterpillar cake and squirt cream will lbe making an appearance with candles Traditions are traditions no matter how old they get.I do hope it will be a bit cooler for Lydia, 9 months pregnant in this heat can't be pleasant.IMG_1244 (1)

Happy Birthday Thom!

Congratulations Phoebe!

Thank you Lucy for a lovely meal.

Lydia take it easy try and wait until it cools abit to have baby. ( this is my attempt to be considerate. Obviously I'd be happy with this afternoon is you've not a lot on.)

Its been a great week so far.

                                                        Thank you for reading

                                                                 Enjoy your Day

                                                                       Julie x