We've got our Kits out.

At Last our Christmas kits have made it into the shop and they are delicious, full of lovely yarn and notions.

Each kits contains,

2 x 100gms of Mondin non superwash yarn



Pattern  and a beautiful handmade, exclusive to Suffolk Socks glass ornament. All this is in a drawstring bag from The Yarn Tart range.

Autumn is my favourite time of year, I like nothing better than than when the  nights are  drawing in,  sitting cosy and snug in my PJs with some knitting to hand. Ive been really good with the cast ons and even better with the ripping out of several redundant WIPs that have been languishing in the shrug with a trug. it was ridiculous I had to be honest and just 'pull em out ' Lets face it if theyd been there for I dont know how long? then they werent going to make it to my feet anytime soon. I can happily say that Ive only 2 sock projects on the needles.


WIP 0ne is knit uaing an Opal 4 ply form their Safari range, Tasmania colourway. A 66 st cast on using 2.25mm fixed circ. I rarely knit on 2.25mm and only discovered the needle size when Jonathan tried them on and the were too tight. Thats the problem with the size written in  teeny tiny writing on the needles and I cant see it.


My other socks are my own design, my own yarn and they are for my own feet. These seem to be knitting themselves.

Im really enjoying having only 2 sock Wips on the needles. Im not opposed to having lots and lots but I feel alot happier now  that I dont have a pile of project bags next to me shouting knit me knit me.

I have 3 other projects Im working on. Im not in any rush to get these done. The one with the most work done  is Flax, a Tin can Knits design using The Fibre Co Arranmore yarn. Theis yarn is ssuper to knit with, its for my son and Im using 5mm needles which seen huge, Ive finished the body and Im onto the sleeves, I dont mind knitting sleeve thankgoodness.

Project 2 is Humulus by Isabel Kramer using Sandnes Garn 100% alpaca. My husband brought me this back from his Norewgian tour and oh my giddy aunt it is sheer luxury to knit.I might do short sleeves on this design depending the yarn meterage .

My final project is a min Birkin cardi for my Grand daughter. Ive just finished one for myself and had plenty wool left over.This design is heavily modified to fit a 2 year old so im hoping it works out. I did manage to try it on her, I thik im going to have to knit wide button bands to make it doubled breasted to give her a little more chest room, but we'll see once ive steeked it

Weve had a few deliveries of yarn here at Suffolk Socks the larget one being some Zauberball and I can't choose a favourite they are all so delicious so Ive decided to have a lucky dip with these beauties. In the Zauberball catagory we have a mystery kit option and I'll choose a yarn for you from this range and a Yarn Tart bag.


Happy Knitting