Two Quests For You

I've been on two quests. Its been difficult but someone had to do it lol. The first has been to find me, my perfect needle. It's been interesting, frustrating and quite expensive. It's fair to write that over the years I have tried and tested most of them and if I'm really honest some of the ones I've used have been more because they are on trend at the time and everyone and their granny is knitting with them. I'm a creature of habit and will usually end up back to where it all began with some DPNs. I'm so much quicker using them, my problem now is my gauge has become tighter so I now dither over stitch count versus needle size. Over time I'm aware that I've developed a love for 80" fixed circs. The outcome of my extensive research is I love them all. I use them all, I have them all. I've socks cast on using each needle choice available.




Quest Number 2

How many bags can a lady have I wonder?  Well in this house not enough as far as I'm concerned the handbag requirement for me is, it has to hold my purse, my lippy my phone and most importantly there always has to be room for my knitting bag. Long gone are the days when I was happy as larry with a plastic carrier bag and my needles would poke through impaling the leg of an innocent passer by. I've tried and tested them all, handmade, commercial, big ones little ones. expensive ones, cheap ones, middle of the road ones, zip ones drawstring ones. What did I discover? I loved them all. Each one came with a memory that made them all equal. I can, though with hand on my heart, tell you the two I would never ever part with and they are both dog ugly.

My first ugly one is a brown corduroy bag with beige plastic handles, it was gifted to me when i was about 11 by an elderly lady my Mum knew. When she heard I was knitting she gave me it. It now holds all the redundant long straight needles that im loathe to get rid of.

My second ugly is a denim tote bag my husband got me. He was at a conference in washington and it was a standing joke that the tote bags he came back with full of info I would pinch and use as a knitting bag. This one conference they didnt hand any out so he bought me the essential tourist bag. As ugly as it is, and this is going back 25 years, I love it, even then the seed was planted with J that a girl who knits needs plenty of knitting bags.

The personal quest and research for the perfect bag has resulted in Suffolk Socks stocking an exclusive selection of calico zip bags designed by The Yarn Tart.


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Have a lovely day and Thank You for taking the time to read my blog. I also have a podcast 'Wey Aye lets Knit' translated means oh yes lets knit.