Thursdays Hmmmmm

imageI'm never sure whether Ilike Thursdays or not.I always start the day with trepidation. Will I? What if I have ?Argh What if i haven't?. ....... your all thinking what is she on about. Ill tell you I'm on about bloody Slimming World. My knitting bag in hand I power walk there every Thursday praying I sweat off the chocolate, wine and kebabs I've over indulged in this week. Who am I kidding I have that prayer every week as the above is all part of my staple diet.I long reached the conclusion that I'm never going to be the way I was when i got married, but HEY I'm Post Natal. 22 years post natal but Im a plodder, one doesn't  like to  rush these things you could give yourself a mischief. My biggest decision I've decided to day will be what cake i have to commiserate the putting of weight on or to celebrate losing it. I blame my friend Dana, we meet after SW for a knit and natter, check out her podcast and shop The Slippery Chicken Company..  Dana makes the most beautiful crochet shawls etc.   Well Ive been and what is there to say other than an expletive. I went into the office with a heavy heart and an empty tummy, I didn't even have time to go for knit and natter with Dana. BUT Mr SuffolkSocks and his trusty assistant Miss SuffolkSocks took me to The Steamboat for lunch.

[caption id="attachment_130" align="alignnone" width="640"]My shawl design came out with me today. My shawl design came out with me today.[/caption]

On a more yarnie theme Im now at home trying to organise the rest of the day. Ive been designing another shawl and its lovely even though I'm slightly biased. Its construction similar to that of The Lizzie Hap and I'm thrilled with it. This construction of my shawl designs seems to be what I enjoy designing. Also very soon Ill be publishing a sock pattern.

[caption id="attachment_123" align="alignnone" width="764"]The Lizzie Hap The Lizzie Hap[/caption]

You shall go to the ball

As a child my all time favourite fairy tale was Cinderella. My ambition was always to have a ball gown just like the ones she wore to the ball, I also wanted to be on Come Dancing but I never ever showed one quick step toward the dance floor. My new range of hand dyed sock yarn has been inspired by the colours of the beautiful dresses worn at each of the balls that Cinderella attended and met her Prince Charming. The shades are soft tonal pastels on a superwash merino base with stealing running through. This gives the yarn a sparkle and shimmering appearance adding abit of glamor.

[caption id="attachment_124" align="alignnone" width="764"]First night nerves pink. Oh my word bluebell, Sparkle love gold and Beautiful yarn, shame about the face. First night nerves pink. Oh my word bluebell, Sparkle love gold and Beautiful yarn, shame about the face.[/caption]

Im really excited about this range, it's so beautiful and will knit socks and shawls that will be beautiful.

Tonight I've delved into the bottom of my knitting cupboard and reacquainted myself with  my Foxglove WIP.  I love Kate Davies designs. I'm using some Excelana yarn I bought at Yarndale 2years ago. My jumper size quantities in my stash, all 4 lots of them is making me uneasy and I want to knit Miss Rachel, another KDD,to to mention several Hap'is from her Hap book.image

Tomorrow will see me baking cakes. I'm going to Lydia's baby shower, we gifted them the pram / pushchair, tonight my son dropped it off here. I'm am so excited to see it but I want Lydia to take it out the box and see it first.


Today I had a delivery waiting for me when I got home. Inside was the prettiest cup and saucer a present for my birthday from my lovely sister in law Maggie. My SIL knows me well, I grew up with my husband. We all used to play together as kids, I went to college with her .I married her brother, we made a pact that we would never in a million years disclose anything that we may or may not have got up to in our time of being single. We've been best friends for many years and I love her to bits.

[caption id="attachment_127" align="alignnone" width="720"]Port merino teacup and saucer Port merino teacup and saucer[/caption]