The Pain

This week has seen me continue giving love to my Angela Novus and my Hilltop shawl, both in the final stages Whoop Whoop! I'm still sticking to my guns and not buying any yarn, mind you its just 5 days since I made that pledge but I'm thinking positive.

Newson by Bristol Ivy

IMG_1747I have cast on something new, its Newsom a design by Bristol Ivy. It was gifted to me for my birthday by the lovely Emily, Emstert on IG. P Oh my word she is so inspiring when it comes to knitting, she was instrumental in my purchase of Haps. We have similar taste in clothes both being big fans of Whitestuff so Newsom was an all a round hit with  me and gratefully received. Ive cast on using some Quince & Co Finch in Glacier,  a lovely soft duck egg blue another birthday gift from my husband purchased on an outing to Loop, London. Its my birthday next week so I'm was determined to get this on the needles so I can make another Loop purchase next week when I'm there. I won't be using any of my pin numbers so it legit, I won't have broken any pledges etc.


The Pain

IMG_1772I've been making great progress on my socks .I'm knitting them using some HiyaHiya 9" circs. BUT the pain when that little needle impales my fore finger is enough to make a grown man cry I tell you. Its completely self inflicted, I've realised that my left hand is holding the needle with a vice like grip and when I'm wanting to push the needle back there is no give what so ever, this has forced me to practice a new way of knitting. with a feather like grip on my left hand and a role of washi tape wrapped round my finger,I'm not taking any chances.




Its a known fact in my family that I have just to pour the water in the cups for the coffee to become the beverage of death. Today I was awake early 5am, not one with a light foot i thought id done great seeking down making a coffee then sneaking back up to bed with it. this is not an achievement to be taken lightly as I've a problem with balance etc so mornings see me bounce  off the walls until the tablets kick in. Luckily the walls remained slop free  and into bed I get only to have Mr Suffolk Socks declare my clod hopping had woken him up and that he was appalled  that Id not made him a coffee. Clod hopping indeed I thought it was more of a firm tip toe. He announced that it was NESQUIT as far as he was concerned. . He made his own coffee and took the dog for a walk, but he did make me a 2nd cup to make up for the one Id made myself .

Baby News

Were now into the last 3 weeks of 9 months waiting to be Grandma and Grandad, to say were excited, thrilled, amazed, proud is an understatement. Lydia my unofficial Daughter in Law is due in 3 weeks. This is uncharted waters for us, like any other first time Grandparents. Jonathan and I moved to Suffolk  27 yeas ago so we've no 'blood' family down here but the friends we made then have become our family.  Our son and daughter have both settled here, our other daughter is in London  a stone throw away so she gets home often. Its great that were now establishing an extended Walters family in Suffolk. Lydia has a lovely family who live locally and theres hundreds of them.  Not only have they warmly welcomed my son into their family that welcome has been extended to us for which I'm thrilled. This little bundle will arrive when she's ready I keep telling them, be patient.   I wish I could practise what I preach.

[caption id="attachment_78" align="alignnone" width="720"]Milo Bambino. Milo Bambino.   This deserved a large photograph due to the excitement lol.[/caption]