Sunny days

It has been great weather here in Suffolk, Ive always been a "my glass is half full " sort of girl so my opininion is that if it ain't raining its great.

Life here at Suffolk Socks is all about going with the flow, Mr Suffolk Socks is away on a 3 week motorbike holiday touring Norway, they reach the most northerly point today. You'd think there would be plenty of knitting time, well your right. Ive been knitting up a storm of things. Ive had a severe case of castonitis, socks, jumpers, socks socks and more socks.

Jonathan sent me this photograph , seems he cant get away from yarny goodness.

There has been a few things cast off too. Most of my finished projetcs are socks so there no surprise there. If you watch my podcast Wey Aye Lets Knit you'll know all about the Trug with the Shrug. Its a big garden trug I use to keep all my Wips in and I have a section in the podcast about the contents and my progress and ambition to finish them. Im failing miserably, theres more added than taken out but im laid back about it, gets done when it gets done.

My first cast off to show you is my afterthought everything. I knit one long tube with cuff at either ends then added true afterthought heels and toes. Definately wont be rushing to do this method again. Its also ended my dilemma to wether or not I invest in a sock machine. Ohhh no. putting heels and toes in are just not me, I know they can be done on the machine but ive decided to stick to my preferred ways. These were finished driving to London to meet up with our daughter.


Second FO is Fragment Socks. Knit using The Yarn Tart yarn, Mamma J colourway.

Third FO. 2 Colour Socks using Mondim 4ply. East London Knits is having a givaway of one of our 2 color sox kit. This yarn was a joy to knit from start to finish, I loved knitting them. The design is by Joji Locatelli and is really well written.

Ive a new cast on. its the Birkin sweater. Im using Finullgarn from Ysolda. Ive added 7 steek stitches so i can make this design into a cardigan. Im loving it. Colour work has always been  great fun for me. Christmas isnt the same if I have'nt cast on a Kate Davies colourwork design using Jamisons or Spindrift. Roll on September and my trip to Shetland.


My other WIP that is seeing some love is A Piece of Silver by Veera Valimaki. This design can be found in Lanie magazine edition 1. Im using a German commercial sock yarn that I stock, Hot Socks Tweed. Its knitting up a treat, the yarn is a bit toothy 75% wool 25% nylon, 100gm, 4 ply and a really great price £8.

Ive been busy with the dyepots, this will be my last update until August but there are some beautiful shades and bases available in the shop.

African Violet BFL/ Nylon. Northern Nights and Sand dune both 100% Corriedale.

Mamma J 75%wool 25% Nylon. This is Suffolk Socks colours and will be the only colour I repeat on different bases.

Scattered Petals 75%BFL/ 25% Nylon. This shade is so delicate and gentle ive had to keep one for myself. paired with African Violet

Ive published a new pattern Lets go fly a kite. A simple 10 st, 12 row pattern repeat. it has a twisted `Latvian twist cast on and cuff but a 2x2 or 1x1 rib work just as lovely.

Ive been trying my hand at making some Mandalas using white cotton.  Ive crochet as long as Ive knit. Knitting has always been my first love though and i can knit much better than I can crochet. My son is getting married in just 5 weeks and im making mandalas to hang around the garden where their reception is taking place.


I love this colourful one that hangs in my garden that my grandaughter plays with


Its time now to go and do shop work. Ive just had a delivery of the most beautiful Mondim 4 ply delivered and its got 4 new shades which are gorgeous Also in the next shop update are stitch markers and pins.


Happy Knitting