I cant believe its August. Its been a while and I can only apologise. 


Life here at SSHQ has been a gentle plod along quietly, thank you to everyone who has visited my little shop.When im not tucked up in my shop room I can be found tucked away in a little corner of my local park knitting merrily as  I watch the world go by only the clickity click of my needle for company and the odd squirrel scurrying up and down the trees.

I love Christchurch mansion, I love that its free admission for everyone to enjoy. It was built in 1547 by Paul Withypoll. In 1892 William Neale Fonnereau put the Mansion and estate up for sale, and a property syndicate bought the site in 1894. Christchurch Mansion was gifted to the town by Felix Cobbold a member of the property syndicate and Ipwich Corporation bought the surrounding land.


 Ive been busy at the dye pots again.

 Yarn Tart Yarns has 2 new yarns. School Socks is our new mini kit. SW Merino, Yak and nylon blend. This range has a lovely vintage faded look and feel of school days gone by. 5 shades Lindisfarne, Keilder, Hadrian, Cheviot and Wansbeck each with 4 contrast 5gm all caked up and ready to cast on.

#Soft Socks  another new  to us yarn, SW Merino, Cashmere and Nylon blend. Soft gentle tones of Strawberries, Lilac and Wedgewood to bright zingy in your face shades, Sling Backs, Flip Flops and Espadrilles. With each purchase of YTY comes a free paper copy of my new design Playtime. Its knit here in #softsocks.

All my designs have my signature twisted cuff and straight star toe. The heel that is part of the pattern is always a traditional heel flap with garter tab edge.

Other designs that I've published are 

All About You.  These ones are my 2nd pair knit in SW Merino/Nylon

Butter Cup Meadow

When I dye wool its always with a one skein project in mind. Its dyed with socks in mind so no 2 skeins are alike. I might be dyeing up 6 skeins in 3 pots using the same colours but they wont be the same when knit up.

Our new range has new packaging also, the skeins will be caked and presented in out new little box with content etc on the side of the box. We love them, if you want you can peirce a hole in top of box and you have a ready made yarn bowl.

I haven't got many FOs that spring to mind, I do have lots of WIPs though. Project bags overflowing with socks. My own personal sock knitting, new designs and  test knits of wool for our Christmas kit "Twas the Knit before Christmas'. Its the 4th year this kit has been available and 2019 its all about commercial sock yarn. Im a big fan of commercial sock wool for both its quality and its price.

Twas The Knit Before Christmas kit is exciting as ever this year.Each kit contains 4 x 100gs of commercial sock wool. i chose shades that have a holiday feel. Roasted Chestnuts,Toy factory, Cracker Jack and Old Father Time. Ive knit them all up and all my lot have placed a claim on them. Each ball of wool comes with an extra and its not necessarily  knitty. 

So  each  kit will include 4 x A and 4 x B wrapped parcels. Each week of December 1xA and 1xB can be opened. Just be mindful of posting on social media as  you wont all open the same wools. Come Christmas you'll have 4 pairs of socks knit. Obviously when I say Christmas Im not referring to 2019 if your like me sometime this century is more a fitting statement lol.


Happy Knitting everyone