Socks Rock.

Lets rock and roll some socks  chat shall we.

Two socks on the needles this week and one sock frogged.

The first sock getting some love this week is a sock sample for Suffolk Socks. I'm using some Rico Superba Poems. Plain vanilla socks, 64 st cast on, 2.5mm dpns, 2x2 rib, fish lips kiss heel. I've been really enjoying knitting these, the colours are cheerful. the wool has a bit of bite not dis similar to Debbie Bliss sock yarn, by the time Id got past the heel the yarn was starting to take on a softer feel and feel more familiar in my hands.IMG_2232

Its also the first time I've knit using HiyaHiya dpns and I love them. Nice and pointy, not too light and not too heavy, the steel has abit of drag on it which makes it ideal so  the needle doesn't slip out of the stitches. (This is my personal opinion only) Ive been hankering after a set of these since they came into stock,so i took the plunge and bought some and I'm so pleased that I did. IMG_2296

Opal 20 years.



Opal have produced this new range to celebrate Opals 20 years of sock yarn. Initially I was disappointed that they hadn't come up with some self patterning wild garish got to have colour range instead of 8 tonal shades. All the colours are very lovely and I've had a hard time choosing one to knit soooooo Im knitting all 8. theres a #dobbysockalong KAL Ive decided to join in.This KAL is all about using up oddments and making mis matched sock. I don't keep my leftovers as I usually include them in an order if its the same yarn. Im also not very good at doing random hence why I've decided to use each colour of this range. Sock 2 will have same shades but different repeat.IMG_2267


What went a frogging ?


I did. My socks for Thom. I started knitting them on the 9" circs and changed to dpns 2mm. It was obvious that there would be a fit problem from row 3 so i thought "what the heck" and a frogging I did go. Ill cast them on again and stick to my pattern that I love so hell get them eventually. I now have only 2 yes 2 socks on the needles the above which I know I won't be knitting sock 2 so there'll be no 2nd sock angst for me haha  and my #dobbysockalong which are a birthday present for someone I think.


Other WOA.... works of art instead of WIPS.

My Madewell cardigan is coming along very slowly. I seem to be doing endless knitting and getting no where. My Foxglove, I'm nearly at the joining of the sleeves I love colour work so this will be finished fairly quickly I hope once I'm on the yoke

New Cast Ons.






Only one this week and its Asana, the new shawl design from the shawl Society. I'm using some Ultra Fine merino and silk lace that i got when at EYF.







Likely  cast ons.

I've got some Dovestone Dk in my stash that I think will be cast on this week.One of the ladies at our local knit group has cast on a Lush cardigan using it and it looks great so i the nk it will become a Lush.

Miss Matilda

My blog wouldn't be the same if I didn't end with a photo of Matilda. I saw her yesterday and I have to say Id hang up my knitting needles for her. (good job she can't talk)IMG_2264

What a doll.

Thank you for reading