Sock Patience






Sock Patience


I loved playing Clock Patience when I was young. My Grandad Rees (my Mums Dad) came to live with us and we became a  big card playing family.  My Aunty Paul (ine) used to come over on an evening and many a night was spent around the kitchen table, continuous cups of tea and several heated debates and accusations thrown as to who was cheating whilst playing Beany. My Dad and Uncle didn't attempt to join in so they sat watching tele letting the Rees, Thompson and Osborne's battle it out. 

Sock Patience is my take on the card game only with wool.

I choose 12 x100gm colours and 4 x 50gm colours for contrast. Each shade is numbered 1-4 and 1-12 I then  do a basic lucky dip. No rocket science involved and it never works  Im a huge control freak when it comes to colours as I cant do random unless I've been sedated, so really I don't know why I bother but it make sense in my head lol so Im going with it. 

Caravan Life of a Knitter. 

I loooove my caravan. We decided 3 years ago to buy a static caravan and its great. The site is open March to November and we cant wait to get here. Its only 9 miles from home. We didn't want it miles away so our kids could visit easily and a huge bonus of it being nearer to home than not is , I can just pop back when Ive run out of knitting . HaHa as if that ever happens!  The number of project bags I brought were actually greater than knickers. I mean how many pairs of knickers do you need for a few days away. 

 A  crochet blanket using  West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep DK baby wool and  3.5mm hook were used, all of which we stock in Suffolk Socks .  9 granny squares  were crocheted and joined  together to form one big square, I then crocheted around using trebles crochet sts to make one big Granny square.  



 My blanket is finished now and is put away ready to gift it, meaning I could work on my next project. 

Another blanket, this time the Habitation Throw, a lovely simple but amazing design from Helen Stewart 'Curious Handmade' Im making this for a new addition to the ever expanding family of Gt Nieces we're accumulating. All of them adorable but too far away to grab a quick snuggle with. 


I cant show too much of it but I can do a final TA DAH when its finished, but it is very pretty.

Owning a sock wool shop doesn't mean I knit socks 24hours a day. But I'm not far off. I love a pair of vanilla socks using a commercial sock wool and owning Suffolk Socks does give me plenty of sock wool to choose from as well as my own stash. My socks Im knitting this week are all man size socks 2.25mm needles, 72 stitch cast on, heel flap and gusset, star toe, magic loop and i'm loving them

Sock 1 is finished and sock 2 is now at the heel stage. The best part of sock knitting, that and casting off sock 2 (lol)

Again sock 1 is complete and sock needs to be cast on. 


Ive been using Hiya Hiya sharps and OH MY GIDDY AUNT my finger is sore, they really are lethal.

Over the weekend we celebrated our eldest daughter, Lucy's 30th birthday. Shes my partner in crime as we both love watching NCIS and knitting  Blooming hec they went by in a flash. We suggested that we buy her something to keep so she asked for a set of pans. Forever practical is our girl.  Pans she got, the price was a shock but its 28 years since I bought pans so maybe they are something to keep or maybe its time for me to get new ones just for getting sake. 

She'll not thank me for these photos


We did go away for a few days to stay with  our lovely friends.

It was lovely, their house is surrounded by fields and country lanes which was a challenge with Vera who loved running wild. she had her first encounter with horses and I had to say the horses were so much more well behaved that her.

Then we lost her, 4 adults were silently hysterical trying to find her, i was just about to have a melt down when she was discovered locked in a shed that housed a freezer. She has an apple air tag on her harness which we kept on her so we did know she was still with in signal range. 

Angela is a big crocheter her blankets were stunning, I couldn't resist taking some photos also I refrained from pinching one to bring home only because I couldnt make my mind up which one to pinch. lol.

Happy Knitting, crocheting, crafting everyone