Sock Blanks Galore.

cat1Those socks, those socks, those sock blanks.

Here at Suffolk Socks HQ we've gone sock blank mad and its great. Our creative minds can go wild wondering how that pre knit yarn,  hand dyed peice of work will knit up. Ive never seen a one I dont want to knit yet. I can say that sometimes the ones that perhaps aren't the most appealing have actually turned out beautiful.   Having knit a few ugly ducklings they have all turned in to beautiful swans.

You dont have to stop at sock knitting either with a sock blank, Knit  your blank into  gorgeous shawl. Alot of customers at Yarndale hadnt seen or heard about sock blanks and couldnt understand the benefits or delights of knitting from  one. Im happy to report the knitters new to them have returned and purchased more sock blanks.

The benefits:1

A sock blank doesnt have to be caked.

You can cast on immediately.

Anticipation and excitement of how it will knit upEach sock blank is truly unique no two alike .

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Why not go sock mad and cast on a sock blank. For those of you who subscribe to our newsletter , a newsletter will be arriving in your in box with a sock blank promotion.

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