S is for Saturday ,Sun, Socks, Scorcher, and Suffolk Socks

The title says it all. Goodness it is hot in Ipswich today.I love Saturdays its a sort of play day I think. As i run a sock yarn shop it would be daft if there were no socks on the pins. There are indeed and quite a few. After my public showing of my pile of shame I've been loathe to cast on any new socks but Ill get over it and start to love myself again.


Im still enjoying my sparkly little number thats been seen before. the 9" 2.25mm fixed circs are beginning to feel familiar in my hands and my grip a little less tight. One of the things that put me off these were the need to change to a dpn when doing the heel and toes decreases. I've discovered that I don't have to when using the FLKH method thats great, Ill let you know how I get on once I reach the toe decreases. My little knitting book goes everywhere with me, it has all my tweaks and foot measurements of all my sock knitworthy peopleIMG_1940


My 2nd sock WIP is a cast on from March. I'm using a Suffolk Socks Yarn( SSY) hand dyed Superwash merino/ nylon 4ply sock yarn. This is a Fathers Day kit that was in the shop and  they are super soft. Im using an assortment of knit pro DPNs on this project which I normally wouldn't do or recommend. My tension so far is consistent using Zings, Karbonz and Nova. A standard vanilla sock, 68 sts, 2.25mm needles, heel flap and star toe is my go to pattern. you can't beat a vanilla sock that is the best show case for some of the amazing sock yarns  indie and commercially dyed.



My last sock WIP is a new cast on. I'm using a design from my most favourite sock book, Knitting Vintage socks by Nancy Bush. Ive knit most of the socks in this book several times over and I'm always thrilled with the finished sock. I do tweak a little. These socks are for my son Thom. Im using 2mm 9" fixed circs, 78 st cast on which I've decreased down to 72 after the cuff and I'm loving them. the yarn I'm using is a  Suffolk Socks Yarn (SSY) hand dyed 75%/25% wool nylon mix which will be going into Suffolk socks update next week.


New to Suffolk Socks.

Thats all on my needles for sock Saturday. Its going to be a busy week here as I've a huge order arriving from LITLG and a fabulous new fun kit with sock blanks and lots of goodies in. Also I've been busy making some vintage project bags using hand dyed wool fabric in the softest prettiest shades all hand embellished and embroidered.Heres a sneaky look at 2. There are 16 designs, all different making each one unique. There are some lovely stork scissors going to be available also. Some of these bags pair lovely with a skein of yarn from our "You shall Go To The Ball"


Thank you for reading, enjoy your week


Julie x