Hello its been a while. its been a busy few weeks and this weekend weve been at Yarnporium which was great. It was so nice to meet all the lovely people who normallly live in my phone. Heres Mr Suffolk Socks and myself ready to start the day.


HO HO HO !!!!!

Yay Its official at suffolk Socks HQ we can talk Christmas without a grimace.

Ive been knitting away behind the scenes with some Christmas gift knitting. I still have a long way to go if all my  handknit gift list  goes to plan. Its such an  easy and blase  attidute when your confronted with Oh just knit me a pair of sock etc, Im not fussy.  Well Matey  I am and theres an arm and a leg length list of requirements that you have to fill before your even on my thought process of me knitting you something, and you dont have to be from the same gene pool either. Selfish as it seems the most knit worthy person on my list is me, its taken years to finally accept that just because Im good at knitting socks that everyone and their Granny isnt automatically entitled to my FOs. My Knitworthy folk are always my immediate family without a doubt so theyll have the obligatory  made by Mum socks under the tree. Heres some of the yarrns thats made it into my project bag over the last few months and some im hoping to get done. wish me luck.


Number 1

Good Old Zauberball. These are for Mr Suffolk Socks. 2.25mm 68sts cast on, a little bit of the design deatil is from My new pattern Same but Different, Heel falp and gusset. Im loving this yarn. whisch I say about all my sock yarn as I wouldnt stock it if I didnt.

Number 2

My next knit I loved knitting these. I used my own yarn The YARN TART in the Peanut Brittle colour way. As with most of the socks  knit intended  for a woman I rarely work a cuff choosing instead to begin with my signature twist. On these socks Ive included a repeat of  Autumn School Sock a  design from my School Socks Rock collection and with a little contrast stripe from the mini thats included. The wool is a High Twist Super wash Merino 80/20. These are now finished washed and ready to be gifted.


Number 3

Same But Different these are my new design using Mondim from Rosa Pamar. A non superwash Protuguese wool that is a dream to knit. Ive knit a fair few socks using this yarn and each pair delightful. The lack of nylon in Mondim isnt a problem for me, Ive been wearing mine lots and they're wearing well.. and keep my feet warm and cosy. If you buy the yarn from me I include the paper pattern free. I cant say which one of my lot will gets these I know they read my blog x


Number 4

6ply Hot Socks  `Oh my  these are flying off the needles. 3mm needle, 50st cast on. Before I knew it sock one was finished. Im hoping if Ive  time to knit a matching pair of mittens .

I now have only 3 pairs of sock that I dearly want to knit for special people using my hand dyed yarn.

Stormy seas colourway will be socks for a man. Ill be using a design from my favourite Sock book Vintage Socks.

Dusk til dawn will become Lets go Fly a Kite my own design. Ive already knit these one pair. a simple 60 st cast on 2.5mm 10 sts repeat and 12 row repeat. Again free with any of The Yarn tart Yarn


Finally my last socks I want to get knit  is The Honey bee socks by Curious Handmade using a lovely brown colourway called Brogue.


I really hope your all enjoying your gift knitting and they are received with the love thats gone into them. Every year I say never again whilst thinking OOOH  Im going to knit such and such that with that yarn etc. What are we like.

Blinkin lovely thats what.

Happy knitting

love Jule

I should add Matilda is  right at the top of the list for any of my knitting lol.