My Blog is Back.

It’s been awhile (along while) since I’ve done a blog post. I can’t lay the reason on the pandemic at all, however the pandemic has given me time to sit back and think how I want Suffolk Socks to continue. It’s been a great 7 years and Suffolk Socks can claim responsibility for lots of socks out in the wild. Back then I kept my little business small focusing on supplying fabulous commercial sock wool, then it all became abit of a bun fight and it sent me into a right old tizz I tell you. I didn’t have Instagram, I didn’t pick up the phone first thing to see the results of my last post good or bad, I just looked on through my rose tints knitting away merrily in another pair of socks.  So with all the reflecting thats been going on in my head I’m returning back to where it all began. Sourcing and supplying fabulous wool for all us enthusiastic knitters to knit fabulous socks. 
So here goes and I’ll tell you abit about me.

This is me 


 Happy as Larry with her lot.

My fave subject are my family.

I’m nearer the pension age than an  18to 30s holiday.

 I have a very small group of friends who I love to bits.

Im irrationally terrified of rats much to the amusement of my family.

I’m allergic to shell fish.

I’m a northerner at heart having grown up in Northumberland and moved to Suffolk when I was 26.

I married the boy next door who is the love of my life and still makes me belly laugh to this day.

I love a Big Mac chips and banana milk shake 😂  without any guilt.

I’ve knit since I was very young encouraged by my Grandma Lizzie. 

My name is Pauline Julie but everyone calls me Julie and I love to knit socks.

I hoping to produce weekly blogs showing my goods, patterns and a little look into my rosy world of life and craft. I might eventually get the courage up to do a podcast again  

Happy Knitting