March upto Christmas.

Arghhh, I cant believe Im evening thinking of Christmas let alone admit in writing that I'm actually knitting up a Christmas project but its true.

Suffolk Socks now have Christmas Advents available to order. A deposit secures your purchase with final balance to be paid in October. 

There are 3 kits 

* Twas 24 Nights before Christmas - 24 mini 10 gms of Opal, 2 x 100gm each 100gm a different natural solid colour, a pattern and a few surprise gifts. 

* The 12 Days of Christmas - 12 mini 10 gm skeins of Opal, 2 x 100gm each a different natural solid colour, a pattern and a fabulous Emma Bridgewater Christmas themed mug.

* Twas the week before Christmas - 7 mini 10 gm skiens of Opal and 1 x 100gm of a solid shade and a pattern 

I will admit to being addicted to this project, all knitting projects in my house have been abandoned . My needles are  going clickity clack,  20 to the dozen and my mind whirring away with all the possible designs I can make out of our' Twas 24 night before Christmas.

I can post photos as each one will be different when knit

Suffolk Socks Knitting Retreat

Oh My Giddy Aunt!

Well Im still overwhelmed  at what a fantastic week we had, even the phone call on the Sunday evening to tell me the heating and water had gone off in one half of the house didn't spoil it or have me go into a major meltdown. Thank goodness for heaters, emergen heaters,  plumbers willing to come out Monday evening and a lovely group of ladies who wouldn't let such as problem  get in the way of knitting. It was fixed before it was a major problem. 

Arabella Reeve Catering were fantastic, Ellie and Emmas workshops amazing, the attendees were a fabulous group of ladies to spend the week with

A massive  heartfelt thank you to everyone who took part in my retreat making it such a success.


Whats on the Pins?

Not as mush as I thought actually, Im on to sock 2 of The Full Monty socks which we have available as a kit in Suffolk Socks. I wanted to knit each colour way but in all honesty I didn't have the stamina nor the enthusiasm to knit 5 pairs of socks so in true Jule like fashion and my love of mis matched socks Ive included all the colours in the range into one pair of socks and I'm loving them. I have enough to knit 10 socks all different.


Whats off the Pins

Ive finished my 2nd Love Note. I enjoyed knitting this and have worn it a few times. I used Knit By Numbers from John Arbon in a DK weight. its already starting to pil and look really bobbly but that can be de bobbled in no time at all. 

Ive also got a new design coming out shortly, Im just about finished a 4 ply version and then Ill be able to publish it.  Its a difficult one to photograph as its so big but its very squishy and cuddly.

Back to my Christmas Knitting. 

Stay safe. Happy Knitting

julie x