March Madness

Its been all go here at Suffolk Socks. New sock wool in stock, new pins and trips of yarnie madness etc.


I went to EYF and Oh my giddy Aunt it was fabulous not just for the yarn but the hi lights were more about spending time with lots of lovely knitters. My first stop en route to Edinburgh was Cumbria to The Curious Handmade knitting retreat, which as usual was fabulous. Met up with old freinds made new friendships, bought lots of yarn, laughted lots, ate loads and yes some knitting did get done. Wednesday most of the attendees made their way upto Edinburgh. there has been lots of social media posts all about EYF so I wont write too much about it. I will say though that next time I go Ill  consider taking a bigger case or more posting bags as I posted 2 lots of yarn back home whilst I was there.Heres some of the hilights. I didnt take that many photos, i was either chatting or knitting.


Whats on the pins

Lots. Ive made a start on my #make9 revised. ive chosen 9 projects to knit for 9 people including myself and ive cast 4 on and finished 2.

Thoms flax jumper is coming on a treat , Arranmore Aran yarn form The Fibre Co is a gem to work with, Im not used to using such large needles. Even though they are 5mm thats quite big for me and im finding the project a little heavy.

My other purposeful knit is A Peice of Silver by Veera Valimaki, this design can be found in Laine magazine Issue 1. Its a lovely roll neck 4 ply jumper Im knitting for Lucy. Im not in any rush to finish these as they are for Christmas. Im using a 4ply tweed sock yarn from Grundl, again im loving this yarn and its costing me £32 in total compared to the Flax. As usual there are the never ending cast on of socks but they dont count. my final cast on is a design by Ellie of Skeindeer knits using yarn I purchased at EYF. Its a top down colourwork using some FinullPT2 and its fab.

Whats off the pins

Loadsa FOs.

My first cast off was my Confetti with a new take on it. I used my own yarn The Yarn Tart in the Mamma J colour way and Im thrilled with how it turned out. its been worn lots.


Flax light a wonderful design from Tin can Knits using The Yarn Tart yarn in shade Catchy Kissy and Happy Snaps. I knit this for Matilda she'll not get much use out of it but thats an excuse to knit another.








My final cast off is Childs Cabled Cardigan. This was the only name Mina could come up with for it so she may change it once the pattern is released. I test knit for The Knitting Ex Pat and highly recommend it. I used some yarn from stash that I dyed up for myself last year and seems to be going on forever. as with the Flax jumper I dont think Matilda will get much wear out of it but with summer comin g it doesnt matter.



Weve lots of new stock arriving and just arrived. Weve  new pins The Yarn Tart and Suffolk Socks logo and some stitch markers from fripperies and Bibelots. 

We now stock Mondim. a Portugese yarn non super wash which I cant wait to test knit, its selling really fast so I have to get my skates on to get some 

We also have had an update of all our Hot Socks sock yarn. Great self striping madness is going on here.

Whats not to love.

I hope you all have a lovely peaceful Easter. Chat soon

Julie x