Ho Ho Ho!!!!

Whats not to love about this time a year?

Here at Suffolk Socks HQ we've been busy packing and dispatching all your lovely parcels. Lots of 'Twas The Knit Before christmas' and 'Cosy Toots'  kits have gone out. They've been really popular and  already we've seen some of the socks knit up, they are all looking fabulous.

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Since our last newsletter its been great to see that the discount code has been taken advantage of and several sockblanks are on their journey. A big Thank You to everyone who supports Suffolk Socks we truly appreciate it.

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Have you sent santa a letter yet?

I have. I even gave very clear instructions that should his Elves not have time to make it then he'll find it at a certain yarn shop in Brighton. Im talking about the Fringe Supply Co project bag. Whilst at the Curious country house retreat   one of the lovely attendees had one of these bags and I loved it.  I never say can I have this for Christmas as we like to surprise each other but this year I actually said 'Id really really like this and this is where you get it and any  colour  id be happy with" so wait and see. Obviously with this pending gift I think I'll have to have some extra special yarn on standby to put in it.

Stash attack

This will be  my new years resolution. Ive got to much in my stash and I'm going to wittle it down so wether I knit it or gift it, its got to go. Its not massive but Im not  comfortable with it. The joy of going out to get that special yarn for a pattern has gone as I feel I should knit with yarn I have.  Is it a case of yarn gluttony? I don't know but its got to stop for me. I am not judging anyone and the size of their stash, Im just judging myself. Lets be realistic though the chances of this resolution lasting past January will be a miracle.

Whats new.

I have some  new designs coming out.  Its been so exciting doing this. I often design my own pattern for socks that Im gifting but after much persuasion from knitter friends Ive decided to release some of them. They're heading off to test knitters and Im hoping to release them early February. It will have 4 designs on with the same cast on, heel and toe.



The other design is a shawl  which Im hoping to release early January and I love it. Its a large snuggly  knit using Cumbria fingering from The Fibre Company. It can be knit in one solid shade or 2 contrasting shades.

Whats off the needles, frogged and cast ons.

Ive been really ruthless sorting my wips and stash out. Ive frogged my Madewell cardigan which both the yarn and the design were great I just felt the style of the cardigan would make me look more like Busty Bertha and I wasnt looking forward to working all those k1 x p1. I also frogged a jumper I was knitting for Jonathan using some Arranmore yarn from The Fibre Co. Both purchases of these yarns were fairly expensive and for them to be lying discarded in their project bags not getting any love was a waste of money, so they've gone back to live in the stash cupboard.

The Dr says knit a sock a day

Lots of socks have been cast off. Ive found gift knitting a chore this year and Im pleased with what Ive knit but I can genuinely say Ive not enjoyed it at all and next year I wont be doing any gift knitting.

Once all the socks were put away and the jumpers frogged I left it a few days debating what to knit and I chose to cast on a boyfriend type sloppy jumper. I used stash yarn, some lovely Dovestone DK from Baa Ram Ewe. Its  a lovely shade of grey/blue and Ive added a few rows of handspun alpaca on the yoke to break the dark colour up and im loving it.



My other cast on was some socks for Mr Suffolk Socks using a Regia yarn  from one of the Arne & Carlos  design lines and I think this yarn could become a favourite. Im really enjoying having only 2 knits on the needles. I have plenty WIPS  on the needles for SuffolkSocks and I was starting to feel bogged down by it all, hence the sort out. I now only knit for the shop during the day should it be a sample or design and  for  myself  on an evening.

My other cast offs were my Sonder Shawl a design from Helen stewart as part of The shawl Society. I bought the wool Tundra from The fibre Company whilst at The Curious Handmade Country house retreat. This was going to be gifted but I soon changed that when it was finished , it is so gorgeous and soft it would be criminal to not keep it and enjoy it myself. To finish off the outfit my hat finally got finished. I used Titus 4ply from Baa ram Ewe. This was a purchase from Yarndale a few years ago, so Im slowly working through the stash.



The term selfish knitting is a strange label, the word selfish is a negative word. If I did racing driving as a hobby would I be expected to give everyone a lift. I think not.

No post would be complete without a photo of Miss Matilda who is practically perfect in every way.  Her Mummy is so excited about their first family Christmas  its catching. Her Daddy is too but he's trying to be manly.


Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas.

Love from

Julie, Jonathan and Lucy the Suffolk Socks team