Im back with a spring in my step ready to face all the nice things that come my way. 

This is the first proper post since last year. 2019 had its ups and downs the best bit was the arrival of our Grandson all 10lb 4oz. Goodness my son and Daughter in law make happy content babies. Im am such a grandma bore but I love it.  

To start the year off fo Suffolk Socks I decided to have a holiday from dyeing yarn, it will always make an appearance at wool shows but Im having such a lovely time ordering commercial sock wool. 

Ive always said socks knit with indie dyed wool with a high price tag doesn't mean they are better than any other socks. Now don't shoot me down

I dye wool,I sell Indie dyed wool in my shop,

Im knitting a jumper with my indie dyed yarn from my indie dyed advent

I love a unique beautiful indie dyed wool,

I fully support all of us dyers out there,

 A small selection of my Indie dyed wool.   

I want to make it crystal clear I love indie dyed yarn !

BUT I fully support all the commercial sock wool sellers out there too, Some of my biggest failures have been socks with an £18 price tag and some of my best socks have an £8 tag. 

Theres room for everyone.

Im afraid that there is amongst us yarn snobs. Shock. Horror. Who'd ave fought it!!

BUT and its a big but (again) theres nowt I like better than a good commercial sock wool with a great affordable price tag and knowing that when its knit up they are going to be stinkin gorgeous. Colourful, hard wearing due to the 75%/25% wool, nylon blend and to top it off I can chuck them in the washer

New In stock

2 new commercial yarns Ive got in the shop are Rachel Coopeys Socks Yeah. Oh my from the neons to brights to pastel. Theres a shade to suit everyones taste.

Aren't these just fabulous.  The neon pink is so out my comfort zone but so on my to cast on list.lol

Another wool to have an update is Head Over Heels from StyleCraft. This wool always surprises me . StyleCraft they say "but thats a cheap acrylic yarn". It can be but Head Over Heels is 75% wool and its so soft and squishy to knit with. The All Stars range had me casting on straight away . Ive cast on 64 sts and gone down to a 2.25mm. this stitch count gives me the stitch definition I like and a nice fabric when knit.


Do you love my yarn bowl? I bought it yesterday from Emily Cross at Waltham Abbey Wool Show. I bought 2 yayyyy.

Happy knitting Lovelies