Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels

We're all head over heels here at SSHQ with a new delivery of  Head Over Heel's sock yarn from Stylecraft. Oh, my giddy aunt, they are gorgeous. Their range of colours is definitely worthy of a few gasps of delight and all the oohs and ahhs.

Its deciding the colour that could cause delays casting on. I recommend casting them all on. lol



I went down to a 2.25mm needle and cast on 64 sts using this yarn as I find it a lighter weight 4 ply and the sock was appearing too loose. This is a personal preference as Im aware we all knit at a different gauge.


Rune Shawl

Another shawl has been cast off. A design from Helen Stewart, Curious Handmade Shawl Society and as much as I love it I gifted it to my sister Ann who loves it just as much so it was worth it. I knit it using single merino and once I got used to knitting with this yarn it was a joy.

Confetti Jumper.


Hurray, I'm finished.

I had a bit of a blip but I carried on after it spent a few days on the time out chair. I love it. The only tweak I did was knitting it slightly shorter.I'm pleased I did as it would have been too long. Excuse the dorky pose and the hair. ( I'm thankful you can't see the huge pile of dirty washing to my left lol)

I'm pleased I did as it would have been too long once it had been blocked.  Excuse the dorky pose and the hair. ( I'm thankful you can't see the huge pile of dirty washing to my left lol)


Another cast On


I've already cast on my next knit. It's a design from Laine Magazine Winterly. I've used Knit By Numbers from John Arbon. I love this yarn and I can wear it next to my skin which is a huge bonus, the range of colours is fabulous and it's always on my shopping list at any fibre festival.

The fit of my Confetti jumper is perfect so I'm using the same stitch count for cast on and increases etc adding the lace panels and detailed yoke from Winterly.



The only sock WIP I have on the needle is a pair of vanilla socks. I'm using my Addi Sock Wonder fixed circular needle that I have in stock and the yarn is a Regia 4ply, one of Kaffe Fassett's designs called Autumn. My last socks I knit using these needles were really big but I seem to have got my gauge back to normal using these and can happily knit a 60 sts cast on.

Thank you for spending time reading my blog, I really appreciate it. you can check out my podcast over on You Tube too It's called  'Wey aye lets Knit' Translated  Oh Yes lets knit or Of course lets knit.

Enjoy the rest of your day

happy Knitting

Julie x