Happy May Day.

Month 5 here already! I thought on Monday that spring has sprung and the sunshine has arrived but Ive had to do a mad rush to get the washing in and it hail stone. Yuk. Im hiding in my shop room as Jon is entertaining the gas man, who will inform us that yes we need a new heating system and then extract lots of money, I best get that yarn ordered before any financial curfew is imposed on the bank account.

Here at SSHQ ( Suffolk Socks Headquarters) weve just celebrated our 2nd birthday, to celebrate we had a knit group with lots of cake, coffee and chat. Each attendee  went home with a skien of hand dyed  yarn that I chose especially for them as a huge thank you for the support theyve given me over the last 2 years.

Whats off the pins

Ive been a busy bee, Ive cast off 6 pairs of socks over the last few weeks and they've all been gifted to the kids. Ive failed miserably in the box of socks KAL Ive now just got 2 pair in and they have been claimed. Im either going to have to get knitting and try and catch up or admit failure. Heres a selection of some of the socks that Ive gifted.

Spring Term                      Autumn Term                                                      Regia Blue and White stripes.


Hot Socks Diamond                                                     Sport Weight Merino.


Whats on the pins

LOTS is all I can say. Because my lovely box is bare I filled it with all the yarn I wanted to knit with so here goes. Im using all my own hand dyed yarn 'Suffolk Socks Yarn' These 3 beauties are SW Merino 4 ply. Shades Heavenly Stocks, Bramble Rose and Daffodil.

Merino Sock Blank, Northern Lights. Shade Nebulous.

Tweed. My Favourite People. Left to right.

Veronica, Isobel, Matilda, Glady, Lancelot, Bernard, Lizzie,Wilfred,Edmund and Ned.

Finally another sock blank from our Northern Lights Range Nebulous

That should be enough to keep me out of mischief for a while. Some of the cast on are new designs and other are good all faithful vanilla. I dont think you can beat a vanilla sock.

Im now off to rescue the gas man from my husband.

Happy knitting.

Happy Bank holiday

Julie x