February lalalalala.


Goodness me we're well into February already. I alway think its the coldest month of the year so all the handknits are out. They're strewn all over the house just incase theres a sudden ice storm. I moved down to Suffolk  30 years ago from Northumberland, some would argue that I should be ok with the cold weather. I can, hand on my heart say that Ive never ever ever experianced cold weather like it that first winter here. Its a different sort of cold, one that just chills me too the bone. Ive lived here longer than I lived up north and Im still not used to the cold. brrrr

My husband reckons that if I just put  socks on I wouldnt be so cold but..... surprisingly considering Im a sock knitting addict I love bare feet but I cant bare cold feet, so to combat this I sit with a hot water bottle on them with a blanket over my knee.  Daft I know but we all have little quirks.

Lets talk socks


There are lots. Im one of 'those' knitters who has at least 10 socks on the go and it doesnt bother me in the slightest.

  1. My knitting bag is not answerable to anyone.
  2. I have lots of 2.5mm, my preferred needle size.
  3. I have lots of project bags. It would be daft not to use them
  4. It doesnt bother me
  5. Will it change world peace
  6. It wont have me needing marriage guidence/counselling
  7. If Im happy my family are happy
  8. If Im happy my family get socks
  9. If my family get socks I can cast on more socks
  10. Im happy, Im content, I love socks I can knit socks so I do

I could list many more statements, I was going to write reasons but that word in itself conjures up to me justification and I dont need too.

Favourite yarn

I love both indie dyed yarns and commercial yarns. I always have socks on the needles using my own yarn label The Yarn Tart. They are usually my own design that eventually gets published over on rravelry or in Suffolk Socks.

One of my two preferred commercial sock yarn is Hot Socks. I stock a fabulous range of Hot Socks at a really great price. Its a lovely plump yarn and the colours are amazing, ranging form soft gentle pastel shades in Tweed to bright bold self striping. Theres cotton, cashmere and wool nylon mix. Regia is my other favourite sock yarn. Slightly higher price but so lovely to knit. Great design lines in this range and lovely plump yarn makes great socks



I find trend knitting stressful. Diclaimer- Im speaking for myself. Do you ever think whilst going trough ravelry and seeing the lastest hot selling design that everyone and their Granny is knitting that you should rush off to your yarn cupboard and think Ive got to cast that on?  I do this, but not before Ive gone and bought the pattern though. By which time Im in such a state of anxiousness that I cant even focus or concentrate on anything. Pathetic I know but it happens. I spent ages deciding on my make 9 and hells bells minutes later I went and cast on a jumper that wasnt one of my 9 choices, what a waste of time for me.

So after much deliberation Ive come up with a different make 9. Its not about what I knit but about who I knit for. I think this will keep me busy throughout 201



Knit Group


I love a nice knit group, sitting knitting, chatting, theres no social divide , inclusive rather than exclusive.We all just are there because we have a love of fibre and craft.

Ipswich Knitteratti

This has been going for years and was the first knit group I ever went to nearly 10 years ago. Its now held at Washbrook  in the local pub. All the details are available on their forum over on ravelry.

Frating Knit days 

These are organised by Sally and Nadia from Great Horksley/Colchester knit group. They are a fabulous day. a small entrance fee, we all take cakes and a small raffle prize which is a laugh. The raffle is always in aid of a different charity each time.

The Wool Baa

The wool Baa is a wool shop in Felixstowe that is run by Debbie. Its stocks commercial yarns and its also a cafe that has the nicest scones and coffee. Im sure the other beverages and cake etc on offer are just as lovely but I always have a scone and coffee. Its a lovely freindly knit group and takes place on Monday evenings and Thursday mornings.

The Woolpack

Takes place on Monday mornings starting at 10.30 usually finishing 12ish. The woolpack pub is the junction of Henley and Westerfeild road next to the main entrance to Christchurch park and everyone is welcome.



My other fave group I go to isnt really a group its a regular get together with my lovely lovely friends  Jacqui and Toni. Ive only known them about 2 years but they have become such good friends that I dont know how I havent met them earlier or done without them before. I love them to bits and we have such a lovely time just being ourselves. As well as a shared love of knitting we also love cake and coffee just as much.



(works in progress)

Socks galore. I own a sock yarn shop so theres always a great selection that just has to be knit so I can give feedback to my lovely customers. Well thats my theory.


This is one of my make 9 choices. Ive  cast on using Arranmore Aran from The Fibre Co for my lovely son Thomas. Flax is a Tin Can Knit design. Its had the nod of approval from him so thats always a good sign. What a joy to knit, wool pattern and  intended recipient are all fab. Im using knit pro zings fixed circs, my needles make a lovely clicking sound with each stitch something Ive not noticed with my other needle choices, I dont knit why but it s quite a nostaligic  soothing feeling. As chatty as Iam I love  silence in my house, no backgound noise, just me, the clicking needles and the random snore from the dog or the cat who are never far from my side. This knit is going to be for Christmas so Im in no rush to knit this. It lives in my shop room which is where I can be found hiding. The animals are'nt allowed in here so they sit at the bottom of the starirs protesting on the other side of the stair gate.

Tin Can Knits have a great range of designs, starting at 0-6mths upto 4XL. Ive knit lots of their designs and the instructions are crystal clear with great result.



This is my all time favourite knit. Its my third time knitting it. The sizing and style fits me great. I tend to use all the stitch counts tweak bits of it. My last Confetti I added the Winterly lace design by Suvi Simola that was in Laine magazine. this time Ive followed all the instructions and 2" below my bust line Ive knit into the FBFof the centre 20 stitches on the front and back to give a gathered more floaty effect. Ill continue to increase down each side of the garment so it still has the A Line shape. Im hoping this gives me the loose style look I wantand the bodice shaping I like. My 2nd make 9 as its for me.

Test Knit

Im working on a test knit for Mina Philipp Knitting Ex Pat. Its a lovely DK weight cabled cardigan with a shawl collar. I m using my own yarn that is a Merino dk that was left over from a cardigan I knit myself. Its for my Grandaughter so that again is one of my Make 9. Ive only just started this but so far Im liking how Mina writes out her designs. At first I did think 'what alot of writing' but once I sat down and started I couldnt imagine how else it could be done. It is so well explained  I didnt want to put it down .

Shop Stuff


Have you seen weve got Suffolk Socks pins. Im thrilled to bits with them. My daughter Lucy designed them and my logo. The perks of having a one daughter who is an illustrator and a husband who specializes in emcommerce building online retail sites means I usually have someone around to help with the teqnical side of things which Im hopeless at.

Also new in are some gorgeous Fripperies and Bibelot Ringo stitch markers in Suffolk Socks colours.



Im off to my regular knitting retreat in March up in Cumbria. Im so excited. its always a lovely time and Ive become firm friends with the regular attendees. Im sharing a room this time with Emma so that will be different. Emmas lovely and were both heading off to EYF with Dale who has a lovely online shop Farm to Cables Yarns in Canada. Emma and I are also heading over to Shetland wool week in September which we are both really madly excited about.

Fortunately my future plans are so much more than my immediate plans which involve cleaning bathrooms, kitchens and giving the house a good kick.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Thankyou for spending time reading my blog

love Julie x