Faffing About

   Happy new Year !

I seem to be faffing about lately. This to me means Im doing lots of everything but not enough of anything and thats rolling into my knitty life. Sock Blanks or skeins, socks or mitts, jumpers or cardigans, cowl or hat. Im just faff faff faffing along as if Im one of those balance bikes.


December had my needles on fire knitting those Christmas socks, the language was a tad on the unsavoury side. Why did I even imagine that come December I'd have no problem knitting all those socks that I'd obviously had a problem knitting the past 11 months of the year?  Well I knit what I had/wanted too crossing a fair few off the intended list never to be added again and vowed that Im not knitting anything for anyone else (Except Miss Matilda) in the month of December , neva eva!


      January has had me sorting my stash out, I'm pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too bad. Yes I have the standard 4 jumpers worth of yarn in there and possibly 3 lace shawls worth and at least 4 pairs of socks worth. The biggest bag was the left overs of sock yarn. When new yarn comes into the shop I always knit one sock to see how it feels, hence the quantity. I pondered how I'd use these up. I thought about the mitred square blanket and even started it, but no thats wasn't working. In the end I decided to cake the yarn up using 2 strand to make a heavier weight yarn ad knit some Scrappy Dappy Socks . The 2 cakes I made are massive and I'll probably get least 6 pairs out of them.


Whats In my Bag (s)

Not a lot actually. Socks socks and more socks, I reckon in my rosy world having socks in a project bag is like having milk in the fridge, coffee and sugar in the larder. Its a staple that I never run out of or tire of.


[caption id="attachment_69" align="alignright" width="300"] Celebration Lucy 4ply sock yarn[/caption]







News Letter

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Christmas with Miss Matilda

Christmas with Miss Matilda was lovely. She didnt have a clue what was going on,but as usual smiled away performing all her new party tricks and enjoying the attention almost as much as we enjoyed giving it. We spent Christmas Eve at Lucys feasting on homemade sausage rolls and tasty treats made by her and Phoebe. Matilda was fought over as too which one of us would bath her, she was in her element holding court whilst 3 of us bathed her, poor Lydia didnt stand a chance.It gave her a chance to sit and enjoy a tipple and a sauagae roll or 2.

Happy New Year to all.

Thank you for spending time reading my blog, enjoy your week .