Digital Detox

Its all the the title, Ive been reducing the amount of Instagram usage, its a great way to promote my business, its free but it doesn't come without its problems. All the algorithm changes achieve is make users paranoid as to how many likes they have or how many followers they have.It only causes un-necessary angst and who needs that.  Ive decided to have a digital detox, I'm going instagram free for a few weeks then i'll rethink things. Possibly Mr Suffolk Socks will take it on, he's not as soft with thicker skin and wider shoulders. 

Suffolk Socks will continue as usual  just not on IG for a while.

Theres 2 new shades from Head Over Heels now in stock and they are fabulous

Both are made up using the same colour repeats, the difference is the colour repeat one being more than other.



Designed by Stuart Hillard for Stylecraft. Once more Stuart has produced fabulous sock wool and Ive been cranking some sock tubes that will be in the shop shortly.

Sock Tubes

Jonathan bought me a sock machine for my birthday last year. I CANT say Ive found it easy , it definately hasnt been a smooth journey but Im getting there. Over the next few weeks Im going to be introducing Sock Tubes to the shop. tThere will be options of 50gm tubes and 100gm tubes.  Mr Suffolk Socks has been trying out some sock tubes. I added cuffs and toes NO HEELS and he says they're fine. Maybe this is the way forward for me LOL.


Its a FO

Ive finally finished my jumper. this is my own design and it wont ever make it onto paper. Ive loved knitting this but the last inch on the sleeve seemed to go on forever. It knit using Jamisons & Sons and Jamisons spindrift, my favourite wool to knit. 

Im hopeless at taking selfies so this will be as good as it gets sorry.

WIP's Galore

My other project thats on the needles is The Habitation Throw a design by Helen Stewart, Curious Handmade. Im using an assortment of minis mostly from The Yarn Tart (me) Norah George and Barabra of RingaRosie. I dont have a big stash of minis so Ive had to take some from full skeins.  I work on this when Im staying at my caravan. I love my van.

  • My long term van project is a hand sewn hexie quilt. Im in no rush for this to  be complete 


Yarndale ticket.

I was going to Yarndale but a change of plan means I have a ticket for both days  available if any of my customers cant get one . Priority will be given to customers of Suffolk Socks .


We have all our SpareMoments section reduced by 45% if your looking for cross stitch, embroidery or tapestry. were looking to reduce our stock as Im moving soon. 

Have a lovely week, it looks like its going to be another lovely week weather wise. Ive got Grandma days this week and my youngest grandaughter is now walking so im going to be one tired Grandma.

 take care 

Happy knitting