Bag lady. Its all in the Bag

Where has January and most of February gone? Its passed me by in a whizzy flash for sure. I think possibly its been in the bottom of my Fringe bag thats been attached to my side since I bought it for myself as a Christmas present to myself and I love love love it.


Whats a new knitting bag with out wool in it I thought so I filled it with Rauma Garn to knit Tecumseh and heres my Tada moment. This seems to have been on my back since it was cast off and blocked and I loved knitting it.

 + =

  Another FO, finished object is my Tree Yokes jumper, the design was on the cover of Shetland wool Week 2018 annual. I knit it using Shetland Spindrift in the Mustard (yellow) and Pebble (grey) colourway. Again this jumper seemed to knit itself. Another Tada moment. 

Matilda's Christmas jumper

She was given it early December.I thought whats the point when its cold now so off she went with it on her back. Im very lucky in that my DIL Lydia loves my knitting. I knit this jumper Compas from Tincan knits book Strangebrew. I used a commercial cheap and cheerful yarn Stylecraft Batik from Franklins in Ipswich. The FO cost about £7. The yarn is lovely and soft, washes great, affordable and perfect for that working Mum who hasnt the time to handwash or worry about Grandmas handknits.


Socks are my yoga.

Socks haven't been forgotten. As if my true love would just be set a side for all that fabulous colour work. Knitting is definately my yoga. I didnt invent this phrase, I heard it on a Kirsty Glass podcast and thought how true is that.


In true Mamma J style lots were cast on and a few even got cast off.

Jonnys Socks. I noticed that my husbands hand knit socks were starting to look really shabby so I cast a few on. I couldn't decide on what colour as I love all the wool I happen to have to hand so I knit one of each shade from the Hot Socks Madena range. Oh my Giddy Aunt, what a joy to knit, 68 stitch cast on, 2.5mm needles, Fish Lips Kiss heel over 34 sts, Straight Star Toe and its as if they were made to fit lolb as they are perfect. Plus he doesn't seem to mind that they aren't exactly the same. Infact Im not sure he even noticed until I pointed it out. WELL if your going to have hand knit fabulous socks why not be a little wild. 

I can't or don't  do random.

Other sockilicious yarnilicious gorgeousness thats been happening are my scrappy socks.  Shock horror I cant do surprise random, the inner control freak in me comes out. So I picked 12 shades of commercial sock wool out of  Suffolk Socks shop to make up some kits to sell in store. I then set about hand winding mini balls. Each kit contains 12 mini balls each weighing 9 to 11 grams each. Great value at only £8. im nearly finished mine and they have been addictive. My yarn bowl has been following me around the house so I can get a few round in here and therether sockilicious yarnilicious gorgeousness thats been happening are my scrappy socks.


Jonnys doing well on  the sock front so far this year.

 My 3rd sock on the pins is another Jonathan pair. This time ill be using the whole ball of wool. Ive knit these in a good old Opal sock yarn. Whats not to love. I love a good work horse plump colourful commercial sock yarn. Opal and Hot Socks are up there in my fave 5 sock yarns. I just have to knit knit knit and the pattern appears and the price is so good, ranging from £6.50 - £8.


Tiny Tilly Tot Socks

Im not one for knitting baby garments but now Matitilda is a small person that runs and talks and generally gives me and her Grandad as well as her aunties a spring in our step and a huge grin its time foir her to be on my Sock worthy list. Shes already on the colourwork jumper list. Ive knit these using my own yarn The Yarn Tart Yarn in the Cherry tree Road colour way. 2.25mm needles, 48 sts Fish lips kiss heel and a straight star toe.The next pair I knit ill use 2.5mm as i found the fabric for a toddler just that bit too dense. I could squidge those feet forever.

Zweig by Boylandknits

My final WIP, work in progress is another design from Caitlin Hunter, Zweig. im knitting this in 2 of my own yarns, 'The Yarn Tart. Colours are Cornflower and Scattered Petals. The lace section seems to be taking forever but Im onto the last  5 round and then its just knitting on the round. There is a pattern on the body that I'm not going to do. This is the 3rd design Ive knit from this designer and I loved them all. The pattern/instruction is set out clearly, good range of sizes and plenty of information to be found on Ravelry in the projects sections as a resource.

On the shop front.

Suffolk Socks is 4 years old in March. The first bags I made were beautiful tweed sock bags, embellished with button bouquets and appliqued designs. Ive been asked lots of times when Ill make some more and always deliberated about them. But they are back. Each bag is made using Harris Tweed. fully lined and a light weight interfacing applied. Each bag comes with a vintage tin containing Fripperies and Bibelot solid ring stitch markers.


 The first bag I made is still going strong,  its got softer with use. Its the bags that goes in my handbag.  When I go out its on the mental list, keys, purse, phone, knitting.  

 Myself and this bag with a new scock cast on  will be going to Unravel Fibre Festival tomorrow. I hope I get to say hello to all the lovely friendly people that usually live in my phone. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and support my little wool shop, Suffolk Socks. I truly appriciate it. 

Happy knitting 

Julie x