Back to normal

Well as normal as can be in my rose coloured world. Jonathan 'Mr Suffolk Socks' and I have had a staycation, goodness it was hard work. Day 1 my lovely future DIL had a surprise party at our house for my sons birthday, this saw me cooking curry for 30 people, attacking my house with Mr Sheen as never before, hanging fairy lights everywhere, in the middle of this my SIL came for the weekend as planned and during it I heard my brother was staying locally ,thennn my grand daughter stayed the night and I jammed my foot in a folding chair (best not to know) got bitten to death by midges, is that spelling correct. I was shattered before the night began, but saying this it was a great night with all Thoms friends and Lydia's side of the family and worth all the work. The plus side was that my house stayed very tidy because we were in the garden all night. Days out, impulsive nights away, getting together with family has been great but Im going to France in my van next year and I'm not telling anyone but Maggie (SIL) where I am.

Quote of The Holidays

I'm on a lace bit can you get me a glass of wine. According to Jonathan hahaha !

Whats on the Pins?

No socks have been knit, we visited my daughter and I left my sock bag at her house, she's on her way home so I'll be reunited with it later today. I was starting to have separation issues. Whilst no socks have been knit the needles have been busy. I cast on Sprites Fen, a beautiful shawl from Helen of Curious Handmade. It's a lovely Pi shaped shawl with garter st, yarn overs, a few purl rows, eyelets and feather and fan finish. I knit this using some lace from the stash that I purchased from The yarn Garden whilst at EYF last year. As with all Helen's designs, this is a delight to knit, the jury is still out having 519 stitches but I'll be casting off in 4 rows time.

Here it is having it ta-dah moment. I absolutely love it!  I've forgotten how wonderful knitting shawls can be in lace, I compare it to child birth " at the time I'm never knitting that many stitches again and once its cast off I forget all the tears tantrums sweat and blood that occurred over those 519 stitches.

Over the last two weeks, I've dabbled with the odd bit of sock knitting but not much, it's been all about my Sprites Fen shawl and my Confetti jumper. Confetti is still getting some love, I made the big mistake of saying I wanted it finished for a retreat I'm off to in September. That was like the kiss of death on it, it will get finished in time I hope as I love the design and the John Arbon Knit by Numbers 4ply is a delight to knit with.

In The Bag.


The Yarn Tart bags have been posted all over, big thanks to all who got one. Each person subscribing to  Suffolk Socks Yarn Club and The Yarn Tart club will receive a bag with their first month's yarn. we also have in stock matching coasters that make great small gifts.



Thank you for spending time reading my blog


Julie x