Blow Wind Blow

My favourite book when my children were little was Mrs Mopples Washing Line, perhaps it's because Autumn is my favourite season.


Blustery trees leaves swirling around the park, squirrels running and jumping tree to tree, our yearly conker competition and to top it off all my woollies make an appearance. I've suddenly an urge to knit some socks using autumnal shades so I've  put together a range in  Suffolk Socks Shop of all the lovely rich colourful sock yarns reflecting the changing of seasons. Why non-knitters ask do you knit socks? Because we can.

Hot Socks Rock


Hot Socks Colour is a new range that's just arrived and oh my giddy aunt each shade is fabulous, self-striping, approx 420 m, 100gms, 75% wool 255 polyamide, knits great and once soaked is super soft.

I've loved knitting this yarn and it will be perfect for long hikes through the forest, kicking the leaves up or just having a pyjama day. It has a slightly rustic earthy type textured feel whilst knitting up, but when I soaked and blocked mine it was lovely and soft. Here's sock one in the early stages and already I was smitten with this yarn. Great stitch definition, I couldn't put it down.

Some other fabulous autumnal shades are from Rowan in their Fine Art yarn range, this is a luxurious yarn made up of merino, silk mohair and polyamide(nylon). I knit a pair of socks for Mr SS and he loved them. Wear well, wash great and a joy to knit.

Pop over to Suffolk Socks and see our range which is only a small selection of the fabulous sock yarns we have in stock. It will have you reaching for empty needles and project bags which we happen to stock too, be a Yarn Tart!

I always have some socks on my needles using yarn that I've dyed myself 'The Yarn Tart'. Under 'The Yarn Tart' heading in the menu bar, you'll find a selection of hand dyed yarn on a variety of bases. I don't have a favourite base. Platinum has more of a drape whilst Jive a high twist mix is slightly thicker. My Ted base is BFL and my Tweed base is a super wash Merino with Donegal neps throughout. All fabulous to knit the hardest part is deciding the shade.

My Autumn /Winter sock drawer would not be complete without some Cosy Toes socks. This is a sock pattern I designed using Toft Dk. These are so luxurious to wear and to knit, muted pale greys and browns a little design feature around the cuff, my signature twisted cast on and hey ho its Cosy Toes we go.