A new week.


IMG_2594Back to Normal.

Well as normal as can be, here at suffolk Socks HQ. The run up to Yarndale was exhausting but it was I think a walk in the park compared to how exhausted we were on Sunday night. It was a great time, we met some fabulous people and had some great laughs, Thank you to everyone who came to see us, we were thrilled and somewhat over whelmed by the success of our first ever vending event. Jonathan was the best assistant, completely out of his comfort zone but he was great, and a whizz with his bar code scanner and till.

I stuck to the shopping list.




Even though it was non stop I did manage to get some purchases and didn't stray too far off my list. John Arbon paint by Numbers, 2 brooches from The Knitting Gift Shop and the most adorable beautiful kit from The knitting Shed. I was having a problem choosing a colour so  I decided to go with both.  In my world you can never have enough purple and pink.



Sassy Socks Rock


Wednesday was spent sorting out the stock and having a general shop tidy it also involved quite a bit of knitting. I decided to cast on a skein of my hand dyed Socks Rock colour way and they just seemed to knit themselves. I had the house to myself in the evening so it was knit knit knit. Why I write this I don't know as its always knit knit knit in the evenings regardless of how many Walters are here. This colours way is a cheery little number full of colourful splashes and I love it. Im already thinking I could knit a cardigan in it at some point. Its 100% BFL, 400m and a joy to knit, its making perfect socks.





This is the Sassy Socks Rock in sock blank form using the same colour palette. Its a merino nylon blend yarn. Im hoping I can get these finished and put away before one of my girls claims them, if so thats at least 2 pairs for the Christmas box.

My favourite buy.

My most favourite purchase has to be a little dress kit I bought from The knitting Shed. I saw this stand at Fibre East, I was still under the  impression that I didn't like knitting for babies so I didn't get anything. This knit has been on my mind since then and i was thrilled when they were next to us at Yarndale  so I didn't waste any time in getting one. The kits come in great packaging with skeins of cascade cotton, Liberty print fabric, buttons and the most adorable pattern to make this......


Isn't it the cutest thing ever, I think Id like one for me.  Ive decided I do like knitting smaller items if they are worked in the round and bit more to them than  the baby knits of the past. Im talking of when I knit for  mine and it was white, mint or lemon then you moved onto pink or blue. That makes me feel  not so young.

Waffly Chat.

Life in general has now slowed down which in my world is great.  Im a bit of a hermit, yes I do come across as chatty, outgoing and confident and I am ( not that confident) but I'm in my comfort zone once Im behind the front door happy as larry pooling about knowing that all is well with my kids and extended family up north. My Mum and dad are on holiday living it up in Italy, My youngest has just got back from Milan wheres she's been working Fashion week with Gucci. She loved it even though the dog in the hotel she was staying in bit her and the stance the hotel took was, "oh she's young just like you and needs a hug'. lets hope they put a muzzle on it when its hugging someone else.   My eldest Lucy stayed at ours this weekend to animal sit, so a big Thankyou Lucy I really appreciate it. Lucy is a knitter so I always love going to hers and seeing her basket of wool in the living room, she's just bought a loom and her weaving looks great.



October sees me heading upto Cumbria to attend The Curioushandmade country house retreat. I went to the last retreat so I know exactly what to expect. It was just the best time had. Everything was brilliant, Helen and Mette worked so hard behind the scenes making sure everything was perfect,and it was. A few of us are returning attendees so I', looking forward to meeting old friends and meeting new friends who will have the best time ever. 3 days of great company,  fabulous accommodation,  lovely food and knitting. A recipe for success!


Tonight were all going to Lucys for tea, she happens to be a great cook, she just got her knitting skills from me. Matilda will be there so well be pulling straws as to who holds her so her Mummy can get her tea. Grandad usually wins. her Daddy doesn't get a chance and my only hope is her nappy needs changing as Aunty Lucy and Grandad refuse to do it, I don't care I'm sooooooo slow at changing nappies lol. These are my 2 fave photos of the week of her with her Mum and dad.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I truly appreciate it. A heartfelt big Thank you to everyone who pooped by over the weekend to say hello to us, we loved meeting you all.

Have a great week.


Julie x