21/2 weeks and Im not panicking

Im still trying not to panic that Christmas is only 2 1/2 weeks away. Why does it instill panic ? Why do we do ?

Long gone are the days when I trawled the shops praying I hadnt left it too late to get the latest item on the wish list, thank goodness. Now Im thankful if I manage to get at least some of my gift knitting completed . As well as the WIPS in the last post I have added to my list, fear not do not swoon and think is that Yarn Tart mad. Ive had a lightbulb moment,I know I couldnt beleive it either. The plan was to put all my WIPs in the loft when the decorations come down, then when they go back up the WIPs can come down .......voila 2018 socks are looking good.  This was my plan until I came down with that horrible cold that everyone seems to have caught and when Jonathan went up in the loft I forgot to give him the bag that was on the bed. Now the cold is a distant cough Ive reassessed and Im further on than I thought so Santa might be bringing a sock or two.

How Much?

Last week I had to have my eyes tested, phew I was in the opticians for 2 1/2 hours I was intending to go to Costa and treat myself to a honeycombe latte. Throughout the year I rarely use Costa as Im all for supporting small independant coffee shops.  ( last year when Phoebe was in hospital I discovered the honeycombe lattes) After this discovery I had to relax my self imposed rules and just indulge. Getting back on track..... I was so  taken by surprise and I mean a great  big whopper go large one when I discovered the cost of my new glasses that I came straight home and it wasnt until later on I remembered the coffee. I still havent had one but I think frivolous spending will have to wait til next week when hopefully Im over it. Also to make it even worse they told me I have cateracts , bloody hell.

Ho Ho Ho we had a pizza party

We had a pizza picnic here at the weekend. A Dominoes pizza eaten from the box on the floor whilst watching Spider Man is as good as it gets here lately, the bonus was Matilda and her Dad came as well as Lucy so it was great.

Matilda took a shine to Mr Snowman.

I made Mr snowman years ago when I had my bricks and mortar shop, hes been tucked away but this year he came out and she loves him. I love this photo but I nearly killed myself taking it much to the amusement of Jonathan who was watching me slip and slide alover the patio. I should have worn shoes instead of my slippers, It give him a laugh and I didnt know my legs could bend to that angle and still be capable of walking but hey ho.

I love getting the decorations out and the only joy to surpass that feeling is when they go back in the loft. Matilda has got her stocking hanging up, she met Father Christmas last week at her Grannies Christmas Fayre and after a while they said she shook his hand. I made this last year. I bought the kit for it at Ally Pally.

Chatting away merrily

My latest sock cast on is using my yarn from The yarn Tart club. Its called What the Elf. I cast it on whilst having lunch at Oranges and Lemons, a fabulous cafe that is local to me in East Berholt. As well as selling the best food, they have a lovely haberdasry shop that sells great material and a great selection of gifts.  We were chatting away when I realised Id knit the leg too long so Ive decided to do  afterthought heels and toes, Im really enjoying knitting away in the round, not having to think about when the heel should be done. Im using ChiaoGoo DPNs 2.5mm

Winterley meets Confetti

Im now onto the sleeves of my Winterly jumper. Im loving this, Im using John Arbon Knit by Numbers 4ply. The stitch count and pattern is the Confetti by Vera Valamaki and Ive knit the design from Winterly design in the first Laine magazine.

Green Light is go.

Now that the body of above jumper is done and Im on the sleeves to me thats the green light to cast on something new. I have a few jumpers worth of yarn that I could start.

1st on the list - Cockatoo Brae by Kate Davis.

2nd -  hedgerow by Ann Kingston.

3rd - Birkin.

The Cockatoo is winning so far just because Ive already knit a sleeve and the needles for it are free. I love knitting colour work as much as I love socks. Ive just finished a Tin Can knit design for Matilda using Stylecraft batik DK. Even though it mostly acrylic it is a lovely squishy yarn to knit with. Yes I could dig deep in stash with some fabulous wool that has to be handwashed but my DIL has enough to do without having to handwash MILs  handknits so I use Stylecraft and she can just bung it in the washing maching and let it take its chance.

Im off , sleeves to knit lol.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. There'll be a podcast up soon over on you tube 'Wey aye lets Knit'

Take Care, Happy Knitting

Julie x